INVINOTECH camp 2018: The collective intelligence serving the alsatian wine industry

INVINOTECH camp 2018 - xFIVE present !

This friday in Colmar, 12 challenges were proposed for 62 participants. 7 challenges are now selected : participants have 48 hours to co-construct their project with the help of designers, marketers, developers and business developers. Still a few hours before the groups present their pitches this sunday. Keep in touch with and

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xPERT-O winner of Sésames2017 of AGORIA!

The Sésames2017 Trophy: a wonderful recognition for the xPERT-O software!

This Wednesday, 04/10/2017, the AGORIA federation had gathered in Gosselies a large audience of managers of companies, teachers and students of High Schools, members of associations and federations within the framework of the presentation of the Sésames2017 Trophies.

Our xPERT-O project, co-developed with Valentin and Adrien, students from HE Condorcet (from the Mons and Charleroi sites) as part of the MIC's Soft Lab Academy program, was among the nominees with 11 other projects. We were already happy with this nomination!

We had the great pleasure and honor to be chosen as one of the 5 winners of this award!

Sesames2017 4

Here is the link to the video that AGORIA dedicated us to this occasion.

xPERT-O is the web tool built by xFIVE to analyze complex situations and highlight the key issues to be solved. xPERT-O simplifies complexity, capitalizes knowledge of your business, and graphically visualizes the path to solutions.

Thanks to all those who helped to make xPERT-O the great product that it promises to become. And thanks to the members of the jury of the Sesames2017 of AGORIA for having honored xPERT-O.

In 2017 as in 2016, xFIVE has the privilege of boosting the challenges of the Hacking Industry Camp in Strasbourg

With its partners, Alsace Digitale is organizing its third Hacking Industry Camp on the weekend of October 13-15, 2017 on the theme "Inventing the energy of tomorrow! ". Their ambition: to participate in the fourth industrial revolution (industry 4.0) developed by the human being for the human being.  The human being, that is the new energy of tomorrow!

And so to feed the hackathon, one needs challenges that are sufficiently motivating to engage people' energies! In order to prepare the challenges to be built and to present their challenges on their best, Alsace Digitale and Rhénatic have tasked xFIVE with animating workshops in order to help the challengers to build and enrich their challenges, seduce and gather an enthusiastic team around their idea

More info on

We feel today a little French !

Since July 10, 2017, xFIVE has a representative office in Alsace!

With Nadia Lelandais, our team was enriched with an international marketing specialist, with a very rich experience in major B2C groups and several innovations to her credit! We are proud to work with her.

The office is located Quai Saint Jean, 10 to 6700 Strasbourg, with a beautiful registration SIRET: 830 821 328 00028.

Grand Est, here we are :-)

xFIVE FR Alsace


MXP, an innovative recycling tool (made in xFIVE)

Speed of execution and inventiveness of design can go hand in hand!


In a month between the first discussions with the customer and the commissioning in January 2017, xFIVE carried out the MXP project at full speed until its completion. The purpose of this special machine is to remove at a very high rate certain parts of bottle racks (made of a polymer different from the rest), so that these racks can then be recycled in one operation.

This is the result of the application of the 2A2CI methodology, from the definition of the concept to the test in real conditions.

The MXP tightly mixes hydraulics, control electronics and very robust mechanical tools. Behind the simple and elegant concept hides an inventive approach to solve several contradictions. A patent application is pending.

The MXP, a machine designed, developed, built and commissioned by xFIVE.

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