More than 300 persons present to discover the « D’Avenir » approach

It’s on Wednesday the 2nd of March that Wagralim has brought out his project “D’Avenir” (


The “D’Avenir” (For the Future in English) approach has started in April 2014 thanks to the initiative of four federations  (APFACA, Comeos Wallonie, FEVIA Wallonie, FWA). Coordinated by Wagralim cluster and supported by Wallonia for an initial period of 2 years, this project is dedicated to make evolving the Walloon food system towards more sustainability and shared prosperity.

The approach, coordinated by Françoise Bodson, brought together, in the same spirit, farmers, scientists, business managers of processing industry and distribution in a common discussion.

Concretely, after a collaboration of two years, this reflection led to the development of a vision and a strategy D'Avenir in nine points around the values that unify all stakeholders in the process.

The challenge is now to integrate the initiatives of the actors of the Walloon food system to find the solutions for the future, to promote them and to leverage them to advance the entire system towards sustainability.

The event was also the opportunity to present the 13 initiatives that have participated to the call for initiatives launched by the end of 2015 Wagralim. Three initiatives were selected and will be accompanied by the cluster.

In the opinion of everyone, the process is a success. It meets the expectations of the stakeholders of the food system involving the agricultural sector, the processing and distribution.

xFIVE is proud to have been able to contribute to this approach by supporting the cluster in the definition and implementation of the strategy D'Avenir.

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