Simplify biogas for farmers

logo EnergxEnergX is a biogas micro-station, designed to provide more energetic autonomy to a medium-sized farm.

Sized to provide 10 electrical kilowatts, it allows you to reuse your farm waste to produce all or part of your energy consumption (electricity and heat). It takes into account your requirements and constraints as a farm operator:

  • It can be used with solid inputs and / or liquid, at 3 to 4 t / week.
  • It is sized to operate with effluents of an average farm of 120 BCU (Big Cattle Units), and can be extended up to 500 BCU. 1 EnergX unit for 1 farm then!
  • Besides biogas, and thereby of electricity and heat, EnergX produces digestate (solid and liquid digested manure) that is recoverable as amendment.
  • It is designed in a modular and portable fashion.
  • It is developed with reliable and robust components.
  • It has a simple behavior, pragmatic, friendly and allows simple reinjection of produced electricity.

A project led by xFIVE

prototype nano energxEnergX is born from the desire of xFIVE to propose a solution which would use the residual energy in the waste of a farm or a small community, while simplifying the lives of farmers and avoiding the transport of substances to large biogas stations.

xFIVE brought together various companies interested in this project, one of them is Ménart Ets.

Several demonstrators are being manufactured:

  • Nano-EnergX, in cooperation with the school of the French Community Renee Geoffroy in Ath, working with a few kg per week.
  • Micro-EnergX, under construction by Ménart, typically intended to treat 200 kg / week.


In addition to obtaining concrete and positive results, this project allows us to refine the 2A2CI methodology and to introduce new products that benefit all its customers.


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