xPERT-O, our tool for analyzing complex situations

xPERT 0 EN HPSimplifying complexity to highlight the key issues that need to be addressed is the goal of xPERT-O.

Everyone has already been confronted with a complex situation where many challenges have chained and interconnected consequences. Often so much so that we do not know from which angle to approach the problem ... xPERT-O brings a solution to this! It is an interactive web application, simple and user-friendly, which makes possible to easily model complex situations presenting a large number of interconnected challenges and opportunities.  And thus, one can objectively choose the key elements to attack first in this network of problems.

With xPERT-O, distinguish what really matters from the surrounding noise.

xPERT-O, developed in 2017 within the frame of the MIC Softlab Academy, exists today as a SaaS, accessible via www.xpert-o.com. Since its launch as a demonstrator in June 2017, more than 50 projects have been realized with xPERT-O.

In a few minutes, several users can simultaneously create and connect simple elements (nodes) with oriented links to create a complex network. Thanks to algorithms of centrality based on graph theory, xPERT-O then highlights the most influential nodes. 

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The applications of xPERT-O are numerous for all sectors (energy, environment, materials, e-health, technological industry, chemistry and biotech, etc.): modeling and optimization of complex processes, FMEA and SWIFT, improvement of organization, development of innovation, knowledge consolidation, etc.

xPERT-O is the winner of the Sésames2017 Trophy awarded by AGORIA.

If you want more info on xPERT-O, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Simplify biogas for farmers

logo EnergxEnergX is a biogas micro-station, designed to provide more energetic autonomy to a medium-sized farm.

Sized to provide 10 electrical kilowatts, it allows you to reuse your farm waste to produce all or part of your energy consumption (electricity and heat). It takes into account your requirements and constraints as a farm operator:

  • It can be used with solid inputs and / or liquid, at 3 to 4 t / week.
  • It is sized to operate with effluents of an average farm of 120 BCU (Big Cattle Units), and can be extended up to 500 BCU. 1 EnergX unit for 1 farm then!
  • Besides biogas, and thereby of electricity and heat, EnergX produces digestate (solid and liquid digested manure) that is recoverable as amendment.
  • It is designed in a modular and portable fashion.
  • It is developed with reliable and robust components.
  • It has a simple behavior, pragmatic, friendly and allows simple reinjection of produced electricity.

A project led by xFIVE

prototype nano energxEnergX is born from the desire of xFIVE to propose a solution which would use the residual energy in the waste of a farm or a small community, while simplifying the lives of farmers and avoiding the transport of substances to large biogas stations.

xFIVE brought together various companies interested in this project, one of them is Ménart Ets.

Several demonstrators are being manufactured:

  • Nano-EnergX, in cooperation with the school of the French Community Renee Geoffroy in Ath, working with a few kg per week.
  • Micro-EnergX, under construction by Ménart, typically intended to treat 200 kg / week.


In addition to obtaining concrete and positive results, this project allows us to refine the 2A2CI methodology and to introduce new products that benefit all its customers.


Learn while having fun

Creativity is an essential attitude to the development of the individual and of society. Regain the natural creativity of very young children, fight against ever larger silos as we advance in the school curriculum, this is the ambition of TRIZ4YOU and XINGI tools.

They are integrated into our teaching approach based on the principle of involvement of people as illustrated by Benjamin Franklin's maxim: "You tell me, I forget. You teach me, I remember. You involved me, I learn. "


Triz4youBehind the some exotic name of  TRIZ4YOU, there is a group of people from very diverse origins united by a passion to discover the power of TRIZ tools for anyone interested in developing his creative potential.

Thus, among the various TRIZ4YOU initiatives, there is the use of all games which Séverine Baudrux and Yves Guillou have developed on the base of TRIZ principles.  And to encourage creative attitudes, xFIVE use these games (initially designed for children) among other creativity enhancing tools.

ensemble jeu 1These games, combined with our methodology 2A2CI, contribute to the emergence of creative and inventive solutions that we integrate into innovative business models. These games are now regularly used by many stakeholders (customers, students, partners).


XINGI stands for Cross-INnovation by Gaming & Interacting. The origin of this project is to be found in TRIZ4YOU. Indeed, we have detected an interesting frustration to exploit: the desire for our customers to have a range of creativity enhancing tools. How to multiply these tools while ensuring their quality and originality? By "calling to the team."

This is the essence of the XINGI project we are putting in place: betting on the creative collective intelligence.

XINGI wants to be a global collaborative space, a social network, a community of practice, where participants united by common values ​​(such as creativity, cooperation, love of learning, ...) find and develeop the educational and cultural approaches which suit them at best for creation and recreation.

XINGI, it is a functional community of creative people, thanks to the combination of:

  • The animation of a real (physical) community of people who on the one hand want to develop their creative profiles, and on the other hand wish to propose their creations;
  • The settlement of a IT (virtual) platform where "creativity enhancers" (games, case studies, etc ...) are proposed, including in the form of mobile applications; these tools are enriched by the physical community of people involved in XINGI.

XINGI aims to be a pragmatic response, altogether fun and efficient, to encourage the acquisition of creative skills and to allow its users to undertake projects and personal / professional activities, or simply to boost their creativity for themselves.

XINGI offers a multiple value proposition:

  • Making the creative act more accessible by facilitating collaborative approach and access to creative resources;
  • Allowing everyone (well beyond only to specialists, "creators" and elites) to be more creative by learning in a fun way, having fun, marveling;
  • Allowing those who wish to contribute to the enrichment of playful approaches and creative tools;
  • Allowing those who wish to benefit from a structured support in their creative process;
  • Allowing different worlds to discover and create value together in otherwise improbable co-creation process.

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