• Qualivity

      qualivity equipe L"We had the chance to meet xFIVE in 2013, when we were in a fully uncontrolled growth period. xFIVE allowed us to understand it, to control it and overcome it.
      Since then, we continue to work on various projects for which xFIVE  brings a dynamic, altogether structured and very human vision, matching perfectly with the needs and values of the young company we are. Good years to come for Qualivity and they will, not doubt, be accompanied by xFIVE  and his fantastic team!"
       Loïc Malluquin, founder of Qualivity

    • Soft 33, subsidiary of CORILUS

      Soft33A famous challenge that they were facing: "We wanted to create a useful mobile solution for our customers, not a gas plant to please us, explains Robert. So we have asked the support of xFIVE, a very effective team whose purpose is to realize the dreams of our customers. We have put in their hands our dream of a mobile application for homecare nurses. Mobi33 became a reality thanks to them. "

      Building on its methodology, xFIVE soon started materializing the dream of Robert, Yves and Gerard. "They took the project in a good way! Rather than list the features it was possible to implement, we have collected the frustrations of the nurses. What they were waiting for? What was a problem for them? What were their dreams? And we made this analysis not only with a panel of nurses that were representative of their corporation, but also with other representatives of the ecosystem as responsibles of Social Security, with representatives of insurance company ..." says Robert emphasizing the participatory and very transdisciplinary methodology because many external experts came to lend their stone to the building during the development of Mobi33.

      Mobi33The xFIVE working method has structured the thought of each participant. This allowed us to define a common vision of our project, on the important issues to be addressed, and there, I think, we have become much more effective. They offered a concept that also translates concretely into a series of structured actions. Also, as with any project, the human aspect is key, and the friendly, open and productive relationships, which were established thanks xFIVE between the various parties were clearly a success factor" adds Robert.


      Once having written the specifications, we had to find the right partner to develop the application and especially accompany this partner to stay in the tracks of the project (objectives, time, time, budget, etc.). This is also where xFIVE brought his value to Soft33. "If xFIVE had not been there to organize, structure, prepare, synthesize and documentCorilus the working sessions, we would very quickly be out of breath. xFIVE was a real complementary human resource, that brought the project to its achievement, accompanying the chosen IT development partner, namely e-Klipse, and being involved fully as if our dream had become theirs! "exclaims Robert Laruelle, Sales Manager, Soft 33 - Corilus Group.


      Mobi33 1000emeclientIn November 2015, Mobi33 has attracted more than 1,000 healthcare providers!
    • HeidiCosucraCosucra

      "In our search for improvement of our production processes for food ingredients, the way you work, both participatory, pragmatic and result oriented, has allowed us to think differently about the process and propose original solutions to productive challenges."

      Heidi Jacobs, R&D/QA Director, Cosucra.
    • Bridgestone

      Bridgestone "Your participative methodology has involved us in the various phases of thinking that led us to your conclusions. The creativity of the innovative concept of your approach to finding solutions was for us a revelation.

      Indeed, this collaboration was to demonstrate the relevance of your methods and the ability to quickly come to results.

      We have also, on this basis, extended your mission on the prototyping of the developed machine, by implementing the last steps C & I of your 2A2CI method respectively, for the materialization of the proposed concepts of solution and tomeasure the impact of it in real conditions. These few words to thank you for your cooperation to our objectives."

      Bridgestone Aircraft Tires (Europe) SA. Jean-Marie Bertin. Projects & Investments
    • Wal.Agri

      ADER durableWith ADER, Wal.Agri wants to be recognized in the coming years, as the best advisor and partner of the farmer to ensure, in the long term, the economic development of agriculture while respecting the environment, and this by keeping pace with the evolution and
      the needs of society.

      "Your working method is very interesting because it allows to structure the thoughts of everyone ... you have managed to propose a global "all-in-one" concept, which also translates concretely into a series of structured actions."

      Michel Guiot, administrator of Wal.Agri
    • Socomec

      SocomecSocomec is a sponsor of the Strasbourg University Foundation since 2010. Within this framework, a partnership with the National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) in Strasbourg was set up in 2015 around a project called "Inventive Design Methodology"(IDM), a design approach for a systematic and robust innovation within an organization... "xFIVE has accompanied Socomec in this process, and this has led to the development of many innovative concepts as well as strong appropriation of this approach by the internal actors of the company Socomec."

      Roger Dumont, leader of the IDM project within Socomec

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