Who are they ?

Companies and organizations that innovate

Enterprises are at the heart of our concerns. We work with SME as with large companies. We allow them to accelerate their projects!

Among our clients, we also have academic bodies, research centers, public institutions, clusters and township development agencies.

Our flexible methodology and our extensive network of partners of all types allow us to tackle virtually all sectors. What is important is the existence of complex challenges or opportunities that are difficult to grasp.

However, thanks to our missions, we developed for both private businesses and public organizations, a more specific expertise in the following areas:

  • The agri-food sector,
  • Materials,
  • Energy and environmental technology,
  • Mechatronics,
  • Industrial manufacturing industry (chemicals, glass, ...)
  • Services to society, with a focus on health and societal transformation projects requiring the adoption of new business models.

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Companies and organizations that integrate a sustainable approach

Sustainable development is a pillar of our action. Our customers are looking for solutions that allow them to frame their growth in a responsible dynamic for creating economic value while integrating the concerns of different stakeholders and taking into account the limits of natural resources.

Our customers are looking for the most ideal possible solutions, namely that maximize performance while minimizing costs and nuisances. The projects we are delivering for them are part of the logic of circular economy with several facets:

  • New Business Models,
  • Eco-design,
  • Ecology and industrial synergies,
  • Local production and short circuits,
  • Waste management, recovery, recycling, reuse.


Companies and organizations wishing to quickly market innovative products and services

Hereinafter, some examples of such products and services:

  • A unique, innovative and sustainable service in food processing,
  • A new innovative software for home care management,
  • The inventive concepts in recycling,
  • A new business water purification,
  • The strategic repositioning of a nursing home activity actor in a better quality of life for the patient,
  • Repositioning material producers,
  • An ecological energy system
  • and many others...


Companies and organizations that are facing complex technical-economic problems

To cope with their problems, our customers rely on our methodology. Some examples :

  • Solving a problem of production that was present over 20 years in the chemical industry,
  • A methodology of development investment projects "First Time Good" in the glass industry and agribusiness,
  • Improved manufacturing process in Biotech,
  • and many others.


Companies and organizations that want to boost the innovation potential of their teams

Many of our customers also want to develop the creative abilities of their employees and build collaborative intelligence within their teams. Our approach, based on the maxim of Benjamin Franklin ("You tell me, I forget. You explain to me, I understand. You involved me, I learn") allows them to boost their innovation potential.

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