Transfer from xFIVE to UCLouvain :-)

Professional life is made up of opportunities and rebounds, at xFIVE scrl it has been our daily life since our creation in 2011 by Axel and Xavier.

After investing in the challenges of his clients and the co-development of xFIVE, Xavier has chosen to take on a new challenge by taking the direction of the research administration at UCLouvain - – Université catholique de Louvain, in from 01 August 2020, 32 years after his first assistant job at the same university.

Xavier, we wish you a fruitful journey.

And your new challenge suits you well, with your desire to promote knowledge, to link research and society, to forge links between people, tools, techniques to build a new world ...

xFIVE is a team that gets involved and supports you in your projects, which helps you to reinvent yourself, to dare new things, to innovate, to take a step forward, and which is there to support you in the realization of your ideas.

With xFIVE, focus on your daily life, on your job, we take care of the rest.



xFIVE is now anchored at La Lanterne - Enghien

Full of news in 2019! Here is the first: after 8 years of NWOW (new way of working), we settle!

And yes, we found ourselves "at home" in a business incubator at La Lanterne - Qualitis Park in Enghien, rue Jean Burgers 2.

20190201 164325


Welcome to the 2nd floor!

At 35 'from Lille, Brussels and Charleroi, in an open, innovation-oriented place where we have the chance to meet some cool companies like eROWS and Whiite.


LaLanterne xFIVE

Great success for xFIVE in the TRIZ Future Conference 2018

TFC2018 in Strasbourg: xFIVE presents xPERT-O, his collaborative tool to enlighten key challenges in a complex situation.

Bringing together industrial enterprises, research centers and universities, TFC2018 is Europe's reference event for enthusiastic users of the inventive TRIZ design theory.

The public has shown a keen interest in xPERT-O and in particular its contribution as a collective intelligence tool to capitalize knowledge around a complex problem, and as modelling tool to highlight the key issues on which to focus.


A boosting first half 2018!

This first half of 2018 saw many great projects come to fruition! And we are very proud watching the work done in recent months.

xPERT-O, our web tool to visualize key-issues, has a lot of new features, such as a 3D visualization mode. Several large companies are interested in it very closely.

From the "Made Different" event of March 20th to the July 4th webinar, and during numerous demonstrations, xPERT-O has multiplied the event outings.


DigitalWallonia 8 
 Certificat Xavier 2018 2021 xFIVE has completed its "cheque entreprise - operational excellence" certification with a "cheque entreprise - strategic consultancy" certification.

xFIVE is one of the recognized expert companies in different Interreg programs:

Interreg Factory 4.0

Interreg PROGRES

Interreg Protopitch 3.0

 20180704 1254110

After Belgium (Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders), France (Grand Est, Hauts de France and Paris), Luxembourg and Germany, a Greek company trusts us!

We are looking forward to exporting our know-how to the southern gates of Europe.

Γεια σας Ελλάδα ! 

The HACKtion Commando initiative with the Living Lab Connexences  has paid off! With 5 beautiful industrial projects accompanied in a full throttle action.

Hacktion commando 2
Achema 2018 xFIVE was present at ACHEMA in Frankfurt together with its customer Etech and its sister company NewTube for the launch of its new product, a connected solution to protect the walls of clean rooms. The materialization of an innovative project that we have been boosting for some time!

INVINOTECH camp 2018: The collective intelligence serving the alsatian wine industry

INVINOTECH camp 2018 - xFIVE present !

This friday in Colmar, 12 challenges were proposed for 62 participants. 7 challenges are now selected : participants have 48 hours to co-construct their project with the help of designers, marketers, developers and business developers. Still a few hours before the groups present their pitches this sunday. Keep in touch with and

Invinotech Compo


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