Double stroke for Yves Guillou, partner of xFIVE

Two very recent achievements of Yves Guillou, a member of the xFIVE team, deserve to be underlined!
A book on agile project management

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Deux réalisations toutes récentes de Yves Guillou, membre de l'équipe xFIVE, méritent d'être soulignées !

A book on agile projectmanagement

logo elephantYves has just written with two other authors a very interesting book on project management.  It is altogether pragmatic and full of useful tools to make project management both dynamic and better controlled.

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The MEDEF Award for Quality and Operational Excellence

The company of which Yves is also technical director comes under his impulse to win a trophy during the Day of Quality and Operational Excellence organized by the French MEDEF. More information on this link.

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