MXP, an innovative recycling tool (made in xFIVE)

Speed of execution and inventiveness of design can go hand in hand!


In a month between the first discussions with the customer and the commissioning in January 2017, xFIVE carried out the MXP project at full speed until its completion. The purpose of this special machine is to remove at a very high rate certain parts of bottle racks (made of a polymer different from the rest), so that these racks can then be recycled in one operation.

This is the result of the application of the 2A2CI methodology, from the definition of the concept to the test in real conditions.

The MXP tightly mixes hydraulics, control electronics and very robust mechanical tools. Behind the simple and elegant concept hides an inventive approach to solve several contradictions. A patent application is pending.

The MXP, a machine designed, developed, built and commissioned by xFIVE.

Tags: Innovation, Recycling, Environment, Customized Machinery

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