A boosting first half 2018!

This first half of 2018 saw many great projects come to fruition! And we are very proud watching the work done in recent months.

xPERT-O, our web tool to visualize key-issues, has a lot of new features, such as a 3D visualization mode. Several large companies are interested in it very closely.

From the "Made Different" event of March 20th to the July 4th webinar, and during numerous demonstrations, xPERT-O has multiplied the event outings.


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 Certificat Xavier 2018 2021 xFIVE has completed its "cheque entreprise - operational excellence" certification with a "cheque entreprise - strategic consultancy" certification.

xFIVE is one of the recognized expert companies in different Interreg programs:

Interreg Factory 4.0

Interreg PROGRES

Interreg Protopitch 3.0

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After Belgium (Wallonia, Brussels and Flanders), France (Grand Est, Hauts de France and Paris), Luxembourg and Germany, a Greek company trusts us!

We are looking forward to exporting our know-how to the southern gates of Europe.

Γεια σας Ελλάδα ! 

The HACKtion Commando initiative with the Living Lab Connexences  has paid off! With 5 beautiful industrial projects accompanied in a full throttle action.

Hacktion commando 2
Achema 2018 xFIVE was present at ACHEMA in Frankfurt together with its customer Etech and its sister company NewTube for the launch of its new product, a connected solution to protect the walls of clean rooms. The materialization of an innovative project that we have been boosting for some time!

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