Transfer from xFIVE to UCLouvain :-)

Professional life is made up of opportunities and rebounds, at xFIVE scrl it has been our daily life since our creation in 2011 by Axel and Xavier.

After investing in the challenges of his clients and the co-development of xFIVE, Xavier has chosen to take on a new challenge by taking the direction of the research administration at UCLouvain - – Université catholique de Louvain, in from 01 August 2020, 32 years after his first assistant job at the same university.

Xavier, we wish you a fruitful journey.

And your new challenge suits you well, with your desire to promote knowledge, to link research and society, to forge links between people, tools, techniques to build a new world ...

xFIVE is a team that gets involved and supports you in your projects, which helps you to reinvent yourself, to dare new things, to innovate, to take a step forward, and which is there to support you in the realization of your ideas.

With xFIVE, focus on your daily life, on your job, we take care of the rest.



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