Your challenges

You want that your project ideas do not remain on the corner of an office and there is an urge to make them a reality! You want to keep control of your future by innovating systematically. You have at heart to develop new products and services for making your business growing. You value to integrate your project in a sustainable way. You want your team gets involved and keep them mobilized around the project ...

It is for all these reasons that we created xFIVE, an Inventive Design Office whose mission is to materialise the innovation projects of its customers in tangible business.

The most common themes for which our customers use our services are:


Want to check if your idea has meaning and potential?

A first action can be performed in a light way to help you determine if there is a real potential market for your idea before embarking on a more complete innovation process. Indeed, knowing what we want exactly will help to better define the "playground" and to understand who are the stakeholders of this ecosystem. This first intervention allows for an analysis of the market, focusing on a qualitative review of the opportunities, challenges, frustrations and expectations of other actors. And sometimes, it will be necessary to do a more quantitative evaluation of the market prerspectives.

Many missions of this type "validation of ideas" have enabled our customers to engage more confidently and efficiently in a full innovation approach.




Need to improve your processes, products and services need to solve a complex problem?

We also work for more specific missions, when a customer is faced with a complex problem, a tune delicate point of a product or service. Building on our methodological approach 2A2CI, we improve their production processes, we provide original, effective and practical solutions to their problems of design, manufacturing, marketing, organization,...



Desire to achieve your innovation in a structured and effective way, from A to Z?

The Inventive Design Office xFIVE has as mission to materialize the innovation projects of its customers into tangible business. xFIVE designs and develops products and services based on a set of effective tools & methodologies and an efficient network of partners. We start from the market frustration and detection of market opportunities, from the idea, and go till the realization of the functional prototype of your product / service and its test on the market by pilot customers.  You can thus make a sound decision about the scaling-up and industrialization (or not) of your product / service.  We develop products and services on behalf of our clients, and also mostly with the final users of the products / services we are asked to develop.

To embark on such a project of product / innovative service development, we propose to conduct a pilot action. After a few days, this pilot action will allow to obtain interesting results regarding an issue, a challenge of limited size. It will also help to build mutual trust and better understanding of the mechanisms and tools that we will deploy, while producing interesting deliverables  for you.

Through our intervention, our clients also rely on all the experience, knowledge, research and expertise of INSA Strasbourg (worldwide recognized on inventive design methodologies, especially on IDM- TRIZ). And they take advantage of the latest developments of the structuring tool STEPS®.



Enthusiasm to project forward and consider future trends in your sector?

Relying on validated tools, we enable our customers to make a prospective work systematically. To define the future generations of the studied products and services, we build hypotheses of evolution. This systematic approach is based on a solid methodological corpus derived from the observation of hundreds of thousands of patents and the work of dozens of research teams.

Our xFIT tool, based on knowledge of the past and considering what is happening today can help to build credible scenarios on products and services of tomorrow.

Our customers solicit us to develop this prospective view of their future activities.



Willingness to train for systematic creativity and innovation?

Our support is constructed so that our clients take ownership of the structured approach allowing them to innovate systematically after our involvement.

When they wish to train more specifically to certain aspects of creativity and innovation, we offer training packages tailored to their specific needs.

These modules are built in a logic of collaborative learning, with the desire to solidify the collective intelligence of trained teams. The development of creativity is one of the pillars of training we offer. Our belief is that it is possible to encourage creativity in a systematic and structured way.

Our modules of half a day, a day or two (preferably residential) are intended for groups of 8 to 12 people, ideally active in different disciplines. These trainings take place either within the company or in a different environment from their daily work.

The philosophy in which our courses are built is part of Benjamin Franklin's maxim: "You tell me, I forget. You explain, I understand. You involved me, I learn". Our courses are built on issues specific to the team to train, so that everyone applies the principles directly on the subject that matters for him, uses the tools proposed, rebuilds on his own the method and appropriates this method and tools, with as final goal to develop creative abilities.



Need to build a vision and define the innovation strategy to achieve it?

Some of our customers want to adapt the vision of their business and build a new future. Our approach allows them to define collectively this new shared vision of their future (where to go to, why to go there, with what values). And especially our coaching enables them to build the necessary innovation strategy to achieve this vision, namely to establish which actions to take, which critical skills to develop, which governance to install.


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